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The Christian Security Institute is a Level 2-3 & 4  security training school licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau to certify both Commissioned Security Officers and Personal Protection Officers (bodyguards) in the state of Texas.


This certification and licensing is required by anyone wishing to carry a concealed handgun as a part of a Church Security Team in Texas.


CSI provides this training exclusively to client churches who wish to legally provide security teams for their church's protection and works with our partner Gatekeepers Security Services to license these teams.





The Christian Security Institute (CSI) is a state licensed security school that produces plainclothes Personal Protection Officers for some of the largest churches in America. It's president, Chuck Chadwick, former security director for Ed Young's Fellowship Church, says the demand has been increasing steadily for the past ten years to where the institute now furnished the church specific training program to a host of churches.


Equipped with the latest technology using laser shot simulation, defensive tactics area, judgmental branching video scenario simulation and  firearms training the school has all the tools needed to train elite "Gatekeepers". Live firearms training is conducted at a local private tactical range.


"The laws in Texas are quite specific about the legality of carrying firearms in churches as a part of the increasingly popular "Security Teams" Chadwick says. "You can't just get Bubba-Joe with his Concealed Handgun License to ride heard over the flock. Actually it is illegal and can earn the pistol packer a class "A" misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a $10,000 fine."


The statistics speak for themselves. According to the nation's leading church violent crime statistician Carl Chinn of M7 (; from 1/1/1999 through 9/15/2010 there were 167 deadly force incidents resulting in the death of others in churches.  

Of those incidents only 5 were stopped in process by law enforcement, 7 were stopped in process by others and the remaining 155 were stopped when the attacker was finished. 


Law enforcement tell us that until they get there; "We are on our own to stop the incident." Most of the time the police get there to take the report. In the average active shooter incident a person is shot every 15 seconds.  


In the most infamous church shooting at New Life Church in Colorado Springs in 2007 the assailant emptied three thirty round clips from an assault rifle killing two young girls and wounding several others. The total incident lasted less than five minutes. 


"We had to come up with a solution that was legal and low cost for churches." says Chadwick "That is went we developed our "Gatekeeper" program modeled after the Gatekeepers of biblical days." (I Chronicles 9:21) 


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Fri/Sat - 11th and 12th PPO - Level 4

Wed/Sat - 23rd - 26th

Commission - Levels 2,3



Church Crime Statistics



Analysis of Uniform Crime Reports from the FBI

by Chuck Chadwick


I don't know what sparked my interest in this subject again other than a little common sense.


The pioneer in church security statistics is Carl Chinn. He has been tracking violent crime in churches sense 1999. Carl and I were talking about the enormity of trying to track crime statistics for churches.


There were several web sites using Goggle as there prime source of church crime tracking. Those are very helpful in making churches aware of the daily trends. But those numbers don't seem to reflect the bigger picture I was looking for. One study published put the number at approximately 1,200 for the total number of crimes at Christian churches in 2009.


Carl brought up the FBI's reports on Uniform Crime Reports (UCRs). (see foot note for details on UCRs)


Having over 17,000 departments inputting data on millions of crimes each year has got to be valuable data. All I had to do is find a way to sort out the Church crimes.


With a couple of days research into the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data I seem to have found it. The data files are huge and you can't import a 5.4 million record database into an Excel spreadsheet. You have to use a database product like Microsoft Access (at least). 


The data file for 2008 has over 5 million records and among the data structure is a field called "Location". Low-and-behold  location code 4 is for "Church/ Synagogue/Temple".


There were over 24,445 crimes attributed to location code 4 (Churches/Synagogues/Temples).


I am willing to concede that not all are going to be Christian churches, but the majority would be.


We will be bringing you further analysis of the data soon.



Development of Security and Safety Standards for Christian Churches

Creation of a central registry of “Certified” educators and “Accredited” companies that adhere to the high standards created


Christian Security Specialist - Establish Accreditation and

Program Requirement - Pending Standards development.

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Christian Security Institute receives state licensing - CSI is licensed by the

Texas Department of Public Safety as a Level 3 & 4 Training School. - Completed 4/30/2009 Lic# F01109

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